Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Why spending money on family, friends and adventures makes us happy?

Inspired by the popular game on Facebook, where we rate people’s answers to the question of how they would spend their winnings every week, and give one lucky man $ 50, we want to explore why sharing money makes us happier.


Business Zaga recently published an interesting article about how winners have spent their money.

Not too surprising stories about new cars and dream homes include stories of sharing the winnings with others.

For example, one winner first pampered thirteen family members while taking them to Florida for a holiday, a builder decided to continue working and donate his salary to a food bank, while another lucky man opened a fund for his family’s future.

We’ve seen a lot of generosity and charity since we started facebook game.

Spending on the pleasure of others

Many studies have shown that spending on the pleasure of others is more to our satisfaction than spending on our own pleasure. This is evidenced by Michael Norton, an associate professor at Harvard Business School who said in his TED address that spending on our own pleasure does not make us happier, but spending on the pleasure of others does.

As mentioned in the article on the Positive Psychology program, spending on the pleasure of others makes us feel better because our brain has a kind of reward system – the hormone oxytocin – that determines how we relate to others. When we spend money to make our friends and family happier, the brain rewards us by making us feel better.

Spending on adventures

Spending special moments and adventures with family and friends gives us lasting pleasure rather than the fleeting excitement of buying something.

In the previous article, 25 Things to Try Today, we found that life seems much more glamorous when we create moments and adventures that make us realize – we live here and now.

It is easy to fall into a routine, and you need to make an effort to avoid a monotonous life where all days are the same. Each time we strive to do something, the chance for exciting adventures increases. It doesn’t even have to be something cardinal, you just have to do things differently than usual to gain an unprecedented experience.

A gift that doesn’t stop giving

Want to improve your life even more? Share it all with a friend or loved one! One evening with family or friends will create memories that you can relive again and again.

They can be memories of the holidays, childhood, a wonderful evening spent with a friend – whatever it may be, it will make an impression and create great memories.

Still lacking the motivation to spend time with family or friends? A study of more than 300,000 participants across different age groups found that adults with a more active social life, such as those who go to the cinema, hang out, live longer and suffer less from stress.

The best investment we can make is in the moments we spend with friends and family – a real gift that never ceases to give.

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